Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's all about the grandkids

I know that many wonder why we do so much driving back and forth between Utah and Arizona.  It's all about the grand kids.  With 8 of 12 living in Arizona we still need our monthly fix of grand kid love.  When we arrived in Arizona in early February, our flowering pear tree was in bloom.  Yeah!  Fall, Winter, and Spring are the short seasons in Arizona so we were thrilled to catch this tree blooming.  It is traditional that we take a picture of Glen each year by this tree mostly to show how each has changed.  I beginning to think it shows my husband looking steadily younger as the tree grows taller.  Seemingly not fair but it is part of the family pattern he inherited from his mother.  That side has many living into their 90's.

 This year we decided to include the grand children in this annual tree blooming photo shoot.  First the boys who are so handsome, happy, and kind.

 Then the girls. . .

who are so beautiful, busy, and kind.  There is a bit more drama with the girls which I love.

Their visit to our home also included the Valentine cookie baking tradition as well.  Can you see the little cutie patootie under the table?  He is the youngest of the grands and the happiest of babies.  You would travel, too, if these sweet young ones awaited you.

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