Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Historical home part of our family history

Yesterday I was reading a blog entry about the historical details of the old Provo Tabernacle soon to be Provo City Center Temple.  As the blogger discussed ornamental details she mentioned one of Provo's old historic homes and I recognized it.  It played an important part in our younger life and our own family history.

When we were newly married, this home had been renovated into an office space which Glen and a partner leased.  Soon after, our first son was born and we used the home for an open house after Eric received his name and a blessing at the Manavu Ward building.  It was on July 4, 1976 which was also the bicentennial anniversary of the United States of America and we felt there were more than enough reasons to celebrate.  At that point the house had been refurbished but there was not a kitchen.  The outside was painted a light brown color with a creamy white trim.  We loved it!

On that day we had the honor of hosting many generations of family including grandparents, great grandparents, and even great, great grandparents along with their siblings allowing for this wonderful five generation photo.  There were also five generations standing in the circle blessing our new son. These pictures were taken on the historic front porch.

I learned from the blog post that this was the George Taylor home. 

At some point during the almost 40 years since we had stood on the porch with our brand new baby, it had been painted blue with white trim and then allowed to go to ruin.

I am so delighted that this home has recently been brought to life again.  Habitat for Humanity has helped a young family with five children make this their new home with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and enough bedrooms.  First built in 1885, it once again shines and has officially been placed on the Register of Historic Homes.

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Christy/Mom said...

Laurel, This is so cool! You and Glen look so darling!! Can you believe we were ever that cute, tiny, and pretty dang young!! I love all the pictures of the temple you have posted. The Provo Temple is looking so cool! When do they plan to dedicate it? Love you!