Monday, May 29, 2017

Decorating the graves for Memorial Day

We were in charge of two of our grand kids over the weekend while their parents played in Boston.

On Saturday morning we decorated the graves of both sets of my husband and my parents.

Knowing that we would have the little ones, we bought spinners this year rather than fresh flowers. We also added butterflies and dragon flies.

They loved helping and being in this "special park."

The Provo Cemetery is so beautiful as it sits at the base of the mountains. My mother loved Provo.

Ceci decided to inspect all the spinners on our way back to the car.

I love this little adventurous girl!

Our next stop was at the Larkin Sunset Cemetery in Sandy.  My husband's sister and her family happened to already be there.  Great timing on both our parts.  Ceci had the privilege of meeting a second cousin.

Glen was good about explaining about the lives of both sets of parent to Oscar.

Glen's mother's birthday is on May 24th so there needs to be a birthday balloon as well.

Sister Wylene's beautiful family.

Little sister and Big brother.

We were happy to honor both sets of our parents all of who died way too young.  We would have loved to have them meet our grandchildren and for our grandchildren to have met their great grandparents.

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