Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Snapshot Quilt finds a wall

I picked up my quilted "Snapshots Along" quilt from the machine quilter the end of June.  It only took another six weeks to convince my hubby to help me hang it on the wall.

I decided that the stairwell was the perfect place for this quilt.  I have had the wooden quilt hanger for 25 years.  It held a Broken Star quilt that my grandmother had pieced back in the 1930's.  I decided that this lovely historical quilt deserved a rest.  When I brought the quilt hanger to our Provo home but it was a bit too wide for the stairwell.  Finally I was able to convince the hubby to saw off one end and put it up on the wall.

Yep!  The perfect place for a narrow longish quilt.  This quilt makes me so happy!

The wooden hanger is two boards with a groove in the back one.  There are handmade wooden screws which fit in holes in the front and back boards.  These are then tightened to hold the quilt tight. The little grands love looking at it.

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