Monday, April 18, 2016

Great News!

While in Arizona in March, we were invited to the Rustler's Rooste for dinner by my son and his wife.  They told us that they needed to meet with us in person for an important announcement.

 While the sun settled in the west on a beautiful Saturday, they shared with us wonderful news!

Down below, they were setting up for a fun party.  We enjoyed our dinner up above with a great view and a first course of shrimp cocktail graced with a baby pacifier on top.

There was much to talk about because they were announcing the coming arrival of a new baby!  Grandpa was thrilled.

He didn't realize that I was taking his picture thus the more solemn face.

We are all thrilled.  Sometimes we wait a bit longer than wanted for such news!  I can't wait to meet and hold this little one!  I am so happy for these two.

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