Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kansas - Day 2

The Kansas City Temple was dedicated the first weekend in May.  I looked forward to crossing the Missouri River from Leavenworth and visiting this temple while in Kansas.

The new temple sits on a hill just west of the 435 freeway on the north side of Kansas City, Missouri not far from Liberty.  It is lovely.  I couldn't help but think of my great, great grandfather Warren Foote sitting not far from this site in 1838 writing in his journal about the hardships which had befallen the Mormons.  By 1839 he had fled with family to Illinois as had thousands of others.

The symbolic motif used on this building is an olive branch.  It is craved in the stone between these two windows and is found throughout the inside as well.  It seems fitting that the olive branch is a symbol of peace.

The beautiful windows include a beautiful multifaceted star like  repeated circle as part of the design.  The color scheme of the interior is creams, gold, and green.  The arched window design is repeated in doorways on the inside.  See interior pictures here.

The main entrance is on the east side.  I am standing at the door.  It will be a forest when all the newly planted trees mature.  The morning sun streaming through the windows was especially beautiful inside.

A stake center is located on the far side of the parking lot to the south.

My sister Lynette, in the green skirt, has watched the building of this temple with great joy and anticipation.

I am so happy for the people of Kansas, Missouri, and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  This building will be a great blessing as are all temples.

After a bit of shopping on the way back home, we stopped in Leavenworth for lunch at June's Cottage. It is a combination lunch room, gift shop, and antique store.  The food was great as was the browsing.  There were a couple of interesting paintings on the wall.

What do you think?  Will they need to add Mitt to the Republican men's club or will the present paintings suffice for another term?

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