Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Button, button

When Ruby was a baby girl, one of her first words was "button." She would point to buttons and play with buttons. She loved buttons. Then she grew up and developed a fashion sense. She decided that buttons were not part of a great look. I bought a puffed sleeved top with giant white buttons on the sleeve cuffs and front placket last summer. I loved it. I felt like was back in my late teen years in the seventies. Ruby told me it was "weird." She definitely did not like it. I had promised Ruby a birthday surprise and this smocked dress was it. I had originally smocked the fabric for a dress for a much younger Ruby, but she kept growing in spite of my procrastination. I was pretty excited when I found this pattern in my favorite smocking magazine, Australian Smocking. I could still make Ruby a dress for her birthday with the smocking at the waist. I had nine blue buttons that I wanted to use. I figured that the flower shape made them decorative enough that they might pass by the "button curse." I was wrong. While I thought the dress was adorable, Ruby was not as smitten. "Are those buttons?" she asked. Then she came for a visit and a swim and was wearing the dress (it was more of like swimsuit cover up.) I made sure that I snapped a picture. The blue around the neckline and the blue flower buttons did make her eyes sparkle. I thought that she and the dress were simply adorable!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Empty houses make fun places

Last Saturday morning, before we unloaded the big yellow truck, the grand kids had a wonderful time in the empty living room. These pictures aren't the most exciting but the only ones because my memory card was soon full (see yellow truck below.) Notice that the harlequin design left by the carpet cleaner has been pretty much obliterated by the tiny feet which ran around and around in a circle. I also tried to explain how to play freeze tag. Unfortunately they all seemed to agree that I was the only one who should freeze and that got old pretty fast!

We removed sparkly stars left behind on the walls of Sadie's old bedroom when she was a baby and now Raymond's new bedroom. They were soon in the process of putting those stars on the LR wall.

Henry loved all the activity whizzing about him. The best picture, which was missed, was when all three of the mobile ones flopped onto their stomachs facing Henry. He was quite impressed and shared with them his "goat" laugh. Janae shared with us that one of her first vivid childhood memories is of running in circles in just such an empty house before we moved in.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A big yellow truck, the boys, and Janae have arrived

After a long travel day, the big yellow truck and Andrew pulled up front of our house late last night. Janae had arrived a couple of hours earlier in the family car with boys safely belted into their car seats. I had made sure to have beds ready for the weary travelers. The ever faithful Echo was steered south by Nathan. His precious cargo being, not nephews, but house plants.

Raymond was so happy to see the truck when he woke up this morning. We had to find his shoes so we could take a close up look.

Go Penske! You got the job done even if you frustrated your driver with a 70 mph imposed speed limit!

We finally convinced dad to come out with the keys so that Raymond could experience being in the driver's seat. He was soooo excited!

I couldn't resist this shot of boys in blue in front of the color coordinated truck. No shots of Janae, 'cause she was in the shower getting ready for a busy day. I now update my blog while the little ones sleep and other family members unload the truck at "Raymond's new house." Ah, the benefits of being the grandma.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Updates from the Weekend

The Ostlers were in town and once again wondering out loud about how we can stand to live here. Yes, it was more humid than normal, but a storm rolled in from the Rim Sunday night and lowered the temperatures 20 degrees while we served them dinner, so hopefully they left with a good last impression. Nate found it hard to believe his cousins are now all teenagers, but he baked them cookies for their drive home in spite of their growing up on him. Christine was in town for a track meet which her family had come to watch. Unfortunately, we did not see her as she was on the other side of town with her teammates. We let them play with our new old fashioned Bingo game and I scrounged up some M&Ms for prizes.

Ruby Butterfly received new wings at her birthday party on Saturday. We enjoyed a wonderful birthday luau and loved seeing Ruby with her friends. Special thanks to her family for a fun time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ruby Butterfly

Happy 4th birthday sweet Ruby. You remind me of a butterfly, not just because you like to wear your wings, but because you love flowers and flit from bloom to bloom when you come to my house making sure to check them all. I hope that your day is special and I made you a surprise!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10 - a great opening act to the monsoon

This is a rain gauge that I purchased at Target, so I can't vouch for it's accuracy, but just notice that water line. This was a most impressive start to what we Arizonans call "the monsoon season." A wonderful, even scary, storm rolled in yesterday evening. The clouds were all swirly, the wind although mostly from the east was also swirly, and Glen and I felt we were watching a small hurricane from our rockers on the back patio. The palm trees leaned with their fronds blowing straight out like a flag. The jacaranda tree bowed and turned in a wild dance. When the rain came, it fell in angry sheets of water. The Native Americans have different names and genders for Arizona rain storms. The winter storms with their gentle consistency are female, the fast and furious summer storms are male. This one was very macho. Most impressive! The best part about this storm was that it blew in off the rim sans the dust we usually get when it blows in off the desert. We slept in (no need for our usual morning watering routine) and then walked outside to check the damage (surprisingly little) and gloried in a clean day still in the 70's.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Ryan things whilst he's away

Ryan and Emilia are spending some time in San Diego county celebrating their first anniversary. I especially like this picture which Lowell took on their special day 7/7/07. Emilia has been a blessing in the life of her new extended family and a shining light and beacon of hope for Ryan. Happy Anniversary!

And now on a not so serious note. Just recently I looked at my son and thought, now he's 30 he just doesn't look like Matt Damon so much any more. The above picture is of Matt Damon in his latest movie role, one for which he added some pounds.

I was so relieved! Ryan and Matt Damon are aging well together!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A special lady remembered on this day

Today would have been my mom's 84th birthday if she were still with us. She lived a life of service and unconditional love. I've posted this picture before, but after our stake enrichment meeting last March it now has more meaning for me. I now recognize that apron she is wearing as an apron of service. My sweet sisters, an apron is coming your way with a copy of a wonderful address by Sister Susan Deaton. Please accept it in honor of our mother.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Favorite Fourth

Does anyone else remember this as an almost perfect day? I wish that we were all in Oceanside right now enjoying the cool ocean breezes and looking forward to fireworks off a barge in the ocean. Lucky Emilia and Ryan. That is where they are celebrating the Fourth as well as one year of almost wedded bliss. Happy Fourth of July to everyone!