Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Utah Trip

While on our monthly business trip to Utah, we always try to see or try something new.

This trip we took a drive to the other side of Utah Lake.

Never before had we enjoyed this other view of the mountains we love so much.

We took a little walk down to the marsh at Saratoga Springs, a beautiful little planned development which gave me pause as to which side of the lake I should be living on.

It was so peaceful and we loved listening to the water birds calling.

We also drove to Cedar Fort. The valley that holds Eagle Mountain was pretty impressive. If the economy improves, it will be quite the community.

Glen had several appointments in the Murray, Holliday, and Fort Union areas of Salt Lake. As I drove around with him, I wondered where the mill that my ancestor Warren Foote built might have been located. Glen said, "I know where an old mill is," and took me to see this one.

It was very impressive and located where Wasatch Boulevard turns into Cottonwood Canyon Road. I couldn't help wondering if part of it could have been Warren's mill built in the mid 1850's.

In researching Warren's journal since being home I now know the following:

After arriving in the Salt Lake Valley in 1850, Warren Foote first worked in the mill of Robert Gardner, father of Archibald (who eventually built the mill now part of Gardner Village and namesake of the restaurant, Archibald's). Robert had heard that Warren was a miller who had run a mill in Iowa across the Missouri River from Winter Quarters. Warren had earned the means to come west by milling for the saints as well as those bound for California during the gold rush.

Warren did build his own mill in the area (lived in and then near the fort called Fort Union which area is now covered by a shopping development) but it was not too successful due to famine and lack of things to mill in summer and a frozen millrace in winter. He eventually sold the mill to Archibald Gardner for materials to build a new and bigger mill and went to work for Archibald in the new mill.

His nephew, Darius Clement, worked with his uncle sometimes in the mill and often on their farm which abutted Nathan Tanner's. Darius and his sister lived with Warren and Artemisia Foote after coming across the plains with George Albert Smith who had married their older sister, Nancy. Nancy as well as their mother Betsy Foote Clement had died at Winter Quarters. Betsy was Warren's older sister, and you, my children, are related directly to both. Darius is Glen's great, great grandfather and Warren is my great, great grandfather.

Neither Warren or Darius remained in the Salt Lake Valley. They were both part of the Mormon settling of the west. Darius helped settle Fairview, Sanpete County, Utah. Warren was part of the failed Muddy Mission and eventually helped settle Glendale, Kane County, Utah. Warren and Darius continued their close relationship and worked together via letters to collect names and do the temple work for their ancestors, Warren in the St. George Temple and Darius in the Manti Temple.

Upon reading the journal again, it was easy for me to picture "between the Cottonwoods" (Big and Little Cottonwood Creeks) and the area in which Warren had first settled. The mill in the picture was built to provide paper for the Deseret News. Read more about it here.

I had hoped for more "spring" in Utah. Here is a picture of the trees in front of the townhouse. Usually at BYU graduation time they are in full bloom. They had yet to pop by the time we left the day before graduation.

We also ventured out to Thanksgiving Point for the Tulip Festival on the 15th.

There were lots of daffodils and not so many tulips.

There were some red tulips out.

They were found on the hill where there was much sunlight.

We did love all the trees that were in bloom.

There was "popcorn popping" on many trees, just not the ones in front of the townhouse.

Most lovely was this row of trees which line Seven Peaks Boulevard.

They especially beautiful in the late afternoon sunlight.

We took a different route home this time. It was National Parks Week and all entrance fees were waived, so we traveled from the Interstate 15 to Highway 89 via Zions Park instead of the 20.

It was a beautiful drive with the new green on the trees. The Virgin River was roaring with water and several hikers had just been rescued in The Narrows the day before.

I love this park and have ever since my first visit with my family back in the 60's on our way to Idaho.

The clouds were racing.

They were so beautiful against a darker blue sky.

We also pulled into Clear Creek Ranch to explore a bit and reminisce about the long weekend that was July 4th in 2003.

The ponds were full and the streams flowing. Now that we were at a higher elevation, the trees were still without leaves. There is a new swimming platform with a slide in the pond. There is also a great big new deck coming off the barn loft and other new improvements. It made us want to have another family reunion.

I tried to get "artsy" with my camera.

These blooms were on located on the side of the lodge.

Glen was very busy with clients this trip. I was very busy working on these babies. You can see a picture of the completed "critters" on my last post.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend began on Thursday evening as I traveled to Heather's school for her softball game. There would be no school on Good Friday, so all the grand girls met up at the game and then traveled home with me for an overnight and Friday play date.

Julianna and Sadie had a grand time moving sand while Heather played ball.

Ruby tried to teach them the nuances of bridge building but they were more into hole digging.

Heather has been enjoying a great softball season. The weather was just perfect for a game.

Friday they were up early and out in the garden where they picked and arranged floral bouquets.

The jasmine is now blooming and have taken over for the citrus for adding scent to the backyard. (The tiny white flowers in the middle.)

Once it heated up outside, we came in to make our own flower fairy dolls from a Klutz kit I had picked up in the children's section of the BYU Bookstore.

While the glue dried on their fairy dolls, they made funny faces.

See the little purse? Another BYU Bookstore bargain. I picked up several for just 99 cents each!

Can you pick out the flower fairies in this picture?

The girls went home late Friday afternoon and Grandpa Glen picked up the boys for an overnight on Friday. They were both such good sports. TJ went for the third time and Toby a second time to the Mesa Easter Pageant that evening. We had invited a family with boys to go with us and TJ and Toby helped make them feel welcome and comfortable.

The night was warm and beautiful and the pageant an engaging retelling of the life of Jesus Christ.

Saturday found grandma and grandpa regrouping and preparing for our traditional Easter dinner and front yard Easter egg hunt. This cute bunny filled all the eggs while grandma finished her knitting.

After dinner, Nathan once again hid the eggs for his niece, nephews, and son to find.

We were a bit short on family this year with Ryan and Emilia in New Mexico, Janae and Andrew on St. Kitts, and David and Sally traveling to Sally's parents in San Diego. And then to top it off, Julianna wasn't feeling well so we were also missing Julianna and Susan. There was room for everyone at the table!

Oscar buckled up his seat belt and went hunting for eggs.

He loved every minute!

His Lowe's car was the perfect vehicle for egg hunting!

There were plenty of eggs.

Some with $2 bills.

And in no time at all, they had all been found.

After the hunt, all enjoyed Glen's beautiful lawn and perfect temperatures.

I also sent them home with a hand knitted stuffed animal.

I found the free patterns here. There was a bit of discussion as to whom should get which critter. Which one would you have chosen?

After everyone went home, I filled the dishwasher with load number one of dirty dishes and went to bed. I slept really well! Good times!

Monday, April 25, 2011

36 years and counting . . .

Thirty-six years ago today I married my sweetheart for time and all eternity. It is with him that I most enjoy conversing, exploring the world, and spoiling the grandchildren.

On that special morning in the Mesa Arizona Temple, my heart was full while light and bright. Today I feel the very same way, just a little older.

Happy Anniversary Glen Jay!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Atonement

At the end of this Easter Sunday, I found myself thinking of this painting by Carl Bloch currently on display at the BYU Museum of Art. It really touched me when I viewed it some months ago.

I may not understand just how the atonement took place, but I do know that I have felt the peace it has brought to my life as I have laid burdens at the Savior's feet. It brings me comfort to see this representation of an angel providing comfort to my Savior. A year ago this video with thoughts by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland brought pause on an Easter Sunday.

I know that my Savior lives!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wind, rain, and fire

Grandpa Glen found a place in Tempe that sells firewood other than pine. He bought three different kinds so that he and Toby could try them out to see which kind smelled best and burned forever.

The plan was to tend a fire in the fireplace for hours last weekend but that was scrapped when the outdoor temps were in the high 90's. Who wants to tend a fire when they are already roasting?

Who knew that in just one week's time a low front would blow in bringing 40+ degree lower temps, steady rain, and snow in the Superstitions. Toby, however, was set on tending a fire in the fireplace for two hours, so out came the umbrellas. He had a great time heating up his stick then poking it in the rainwater collection in the dutch oven depression and hearing it sizzle.

Last night they brunt the cedar wood and it smelled divine and burned for hours.

Don't you just love Julianna's coat?

Susan and Heather stayed inside and read books in front of the other fireplace (which now only burns candles.) It was much warmer in than out!